Maintenance Program


Here at Hi-Def Auto Detailing we care about the health and long-term care of your vehicles. Just like visiting your family physician for routine checkups to ensure your personal health, frequent details will prolong the health of your vehicle.

Let’s not sugar coat it here, the average person neglects maintaining the protection, cleanliness and overall health of their vehicle. Life gets busy and oftentimes your vehicle is the last thing on your mind, we get it and are here to help! This is one reason why auto detailers can charge so much for a thorough complete detail package, it just simply takes time and effort to bring a vehicle back to a healthy level of perfection. 

Joining our exclusive Maintenance Program aims to end this vicious cycle! Having us detail your vehicle(s) on a routine basis will not only keep the cost lower for you the customer, it also provides many wonderful benefits for your vehicle such as, value retention, premature aging and wear and lastly, preserve the integrity and overall health of your vehicle long-term.

Reset to Perfection

This is where the process starts! Book any of our Complete Details and we begin setting the stage for the maintenance service. We reset the vehicle's interior and exterior back to a high level of perfection while adding long term protection. Once complete you are set-up and ready for the maintenance service to begin!

What's Included 


Vehicle foam soak & hand wash

Wheels & tires cleaned & dressed

Exterior glass cleaning

Clean Door Jambs

Si02 sealant applied (3-6 Month of protection)


Interior surfaces fully vacuumed

All rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces cleaned 

Leather cleaning 

Interior glass cleaning 

Coupe 2 d00r,Sedan 4 d00r,Pickups 2 door: $100*

SUV, Crossover, Wagons, Pickup Truck 4d00r: $110*

Extra Large SUV, Minivans (3 rows): $120*

Oversized Vehicles: Call for quote